Firm Introduction:

Bright Law Firm PLLC is founded in 2015 with headquarter in the big Seattle Washington area.  Our main and the strongest practice are in U.S. immigration law.  With more than decades of combined experiences, we help companies for retaining foreign employees and individuals to bring in family members.  Our legal team provides a broad aspect of immigration services including employment-based immigrant and non-immigrant petitions, family-based petitions, humanitarian protections such as asylum, consular processing for immigrant and non-immigrant visas, removal defense at the immigration court and board of immigration appeals, litigation at the federal district court.

With immigration practice as our foundation, we expand our services to other areas including Estate Planning, Business, Contract, and family law.  Please refer to our practice for detail information.

Firm History:

Born and raised in the north-west underdeveloped rural area of China, our founding member, Ms. Aimei Xi experienced a hard life during her childhood.  People, even young kids in her hometown had to work hard in the farm field. Food is not enough and meat is only available for precious occasions such as celebrating the Spring Festival. Just as her other childhood friends, during weekends or school breaks, Ms. Xi had to take on hard labor work in the farm field ever since elementary school. Under these conditions, many kids dropped out during middle school and some not even finished their elementary school education.

 Encouraged by her parents and taking old siblings as role model, Ms. Xi fully understood study is the only way to change her life. Passing the nation’s college entrance examination as the number one student in her high school, Ms. Xi is among one of the few kids in her hometown to be able to go to college. She took the opportunity and went to the Capital City of China, Beijing to study law.

After practicing law for years in Beijing China, Ms. Xi came to the U.S. With scholarship, financial aid, and part-time job, she obtained her Juris Doctor degree from one of the top law schools in the U.S.  Ms. Xi passed the New York State bar with a flying score during her first try in 2007.  However, as a first-generation immigrant, she has to maintain proper visa status to be able to live and work in the U.S. Before receiving her own Green Card, Ms. Xi changed/extended her visa status for eight times. During this period, she had to suffer years of separation from different states with her husband and Children.

America is a country build on sweat and tears of hard-working immigrants. With not only practical but also first-hand experience, in addition to witness other people’s suffering, Ms. Xi established Bright Law with goals to provide dedicate and exceptional professional legal services to help individuals and families to realize ‘American Dream’ and businesses to achieve their success.

Our Core Values:

Professionalism and Excellence

Our legal expertise has high academic credentials and extensive experience in their field of practice.  Pursuing and delivering outstanding results is our firms top principal. Our clients can rely on our professional legal skills to achieve the best possible results of their case.

Client Focus

We put our client’s need first. Our legal expertise will take time to fully understand our clients’ requirements, objectives, and goals, using their legal knowledge, and delivery the most suitable legal solutions. We endeavor to maximize the value of our services to our clients. We also take proper measures to safeguard the security and confidentiality of our client’s information.


In Bright Law, we fully understand the honesty and truthfulness are the foundations for long-term success. To provide effective legal solution and better serve our clients, we require our client honestly disclose their information, no matter good or bad to their cases. Clients can also account on our actions and commitments for timely and transparently communications for their cases.